Rate of Fire

RATE OF FIRE The Holmes Basic D&D rulebook’s SECOND EXAMPLE (p21) features several volleys of bow fire against six giant spiders as they close to combat. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear precisely how this bow fire and movement fit together into combat rounds. In a previous post, I explored movement rates. In this post, I will… Continue reading Rate of Fire

Blows per Round

The number of blows struck per melee round is a fascinating and crucial topic for D&D combat. CHAINMAIL’s Man-to-Man Combat rules and the infamous re-rendering of the same in Holmes Basic D&D immediately come to mind. Although the Holmes version is more accessible, it is also more fraught. As published, the Holmes Basic D&D rulebook… Continue reading Blows per Round

Movement in Combat

Holmes’ second combat example is one of the few detailed explanations of early D&D combat; that it was edited by Gygax also lends it a certain gravitas. That said, there are two main challenges with this example: Movement rates, The rate of bow fire. In this post, I’ll discuss movement rates. In a follow-up post,… Continue reading Movement in Combat

Delving Deeper V1 Boxed Set

A second post in the short history of DD: this one about the DD V1 Boxed Set. The Boxed Set Shortly after #DelvingDeeper appeared in PDF format Brave Halfling Press launched the Delving Deeper boxed set, in December 2012, as the physical manifestation of the #DelvingDeeper project. I don’t personally own a set, but have… Continue reading Delving Deeper V1 Boxed Set