While orcs are furnished with elaborate stats for building a lair or caravan expedition, goblins get short treatment in both  #DelvingDeeper  and the original game.  Time to amend I say! Here are some (totally unofficial) ramblings on goblins to tinker with: The GOBLIN-KIND include goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears. These are found together in underground cave complexes;… Continue reading Goblins!

The Number of Monsters

An opportunity for improvement for the next iteration of #DelvingDeeper is in the number of monsters appearing. #DelvingDeeper V4 assumes around 8 players, whereas recent polls show that 4-6 players is now the norm. According to the original game, a group of 4-6 players can expect to run into 2-12 bandits, goblins, orcs (or similar)… Continue reading The Number of Monsters