Delving Deeper V1 Boxed Set

A second post in the short history of DD: this one about the DD V1 Boxed Set. The Boxed Set Shortly after #DelvingDeeper appeared in PDF format Brave Halfling Press launched the Delving Deeper boxed set, in December 2012, as the physical manifestation of the #DelvingDeeper project. I don’t personally own a set, but have… Continue reading Delving Deeper V1 Boxed Set

Delving Deeper V1 + V2

Version One #DelvingDeeper first appeared in October 2012, some 10 months after I joined the team, as three digest-sized booklets comprising the so-called #DelvingDeeperReferenceRules. These were immediately available as PDFs at no cost–and still are today. The #DelvingDeeperReferenceRules V1 comprise: Volume I: The Adventurer’s Handbook Volume II: The Referee’s Guide Volume III: The Monster and Treasure… Continue reading Delving Deeper V1 + V2