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Delving Deeper V1 Boxed Set

A second post in the short history of DD: this one about the DD V1 Boxed Set.

The Boxed Set

Shortly after #DelvingDeeper appeared in PDF format Brave Halfling Press launched the Delving Deeper boxed set, in December 2012, as the physical manifestation of the #DelvingDeeper project.

I don’t personally own a set, but have gathered the following from public information posted by the producer and fans who own sets.

The Box

The whole product was packaged in an excellent, digest-sized box entitled “Delving Deeper” with the subtitle “Original Edition Roleplaying Game” and featured super impressive cover art by Mark Allen.

Delving Deeper Boxed Set by Brave Halfling Press. Image courtesty of +Bill Lackey.
Delving Deeper Boxed Set by Brave Halfling Press. (Picture courtesy of +Bill Lackey).

Five Booklets

The content of the #DelvingDeeper Boxed Set by Brave Halfling Press comprised five saddle-stapled, digest-sized booklets entitled:

  • Volume I: Forging a Hero, 28pp
  • Volume II: Codex of the Divine and the Arcane, 36pp
  • Volume III: Index of the Fiendish and the Malign, 44pp
  • Volume IV: Vault of Treasures, 24pp
  • Volume V: Delving Deeper and Blazing New Trails, 38pp
Five booklets and the box
The Delving Deeper box and the five booklets it contained. (Picture courtesy of +Bill Lackey).

The #DelvingDeeper boxed set booklets were a re-organised presentation of #DelvingDeeperReferenceRules V1 content. The tables generally looked nicer and, unlike the #DelvingDeeperReferenceRules, the Delving Deeper boxed set booklets were fully illustrated by Mark Allen.

The back cover of each booklet states “Special Limited Edition Boxed Set – December 2012”.

Bundled Freebies

Brave Halfling Press bundled various freebies with the Delving Deeper boxed set throughout the course of its pre-ordering and fulfillment, including those pictured below:

The boxed set, booklets, and additional freebies provided by Brave Halfling Press. (Picture courtesy of +Todd Jolly).

Note especially the Blackmarsh booklet (bottom center) and also the Delving Deeper V1 Errata (bottom left).

Thanks to +Andreas Davour for some of the above details about the boxed set.

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Delving Deeper V1 + V2

Version One

#DelvingDeeper first appeared in October 2012, some 10 months after I joined the team, as three digest-sized booklets comprising the so-called #DelvingDeeperReferenceRules. These were immediately available as PDFs at no cost–and still are today.

The #DelvingDeeperReferenceRules V1 comprise:

  • Volume I: The Adventurer’s Handbook
  • Volume II: The Referee’s Guide
  • Volume III: The Monster and Treasure Reference
DD V1 Three Booklets
Delving Deeper V1: Three Booklets

The title page of each booklet identifies it as “Version 1 October 2012” and bears the publishing marks of Brave Halfling Press (John Adams), Immersive Ink (Simon Bull), and Wobbly Goblin Press (Cameron Dubeers) being three of many collaborators on the project.

The cover art on the booklets (by Mark Allen) are the only illustrations (excepting maps) in the set. The interior typeface is a densely set 9pt Futura, with the copious tables having questionably bold borders and heavy shading.

Heavy duty tables
Delving Deeper V1: Heavy Duty Tables

V1 contains a few curiosities that have vanished from subsequent revisions, including:

  • A table indicating dice to roll for common number ranges (I:p5),
  • Two full page examples of play (I:p6 and II:p15),
  • Wisdom contributing to languages known (I:p8),
  • Attack Matrices covering AC range 0 to 9 (I:20 and II:p17),
  • A number of imported player spells (I:22-23),
  • A sample dungeon cross-section (II:p6), and map and key (II:p10-11),
  • A very brief treatment of hex-crawl exploration (II:p18-26),
  • The alignment triangle diagram (III:p3),
  • Monster ACs to -3; a number with exaggerated HD.
Delving Deeper V1: Sample Dungeon
Delving Deeper V1: Sample Dungeon

The V1 Errata Sheet

V1 also contains a number of editorial errors (wholly my own responsibility!) which necessitated the release of a four digest-sized page Errata Sheet in March 2013.

V1 Errata Sheet
V1 Errata Sheet

Version Two

V2 of the #DelvingDeeperReferenceRules was issued in March 2013, simultaneously with the V1 Errata Sheet (show above).

This release is essentially identical to its predecessor, differing only insofar as the then-known errata are integrated into the three booklets.

The title page of each booklet now identifies it as “Version 2 March 2013”.

Delving Deeper V2 Title Page
Delving Deeper V2 Title Page