You can view the complete rules for Delving Deeper free via the Delving Deeper Hypertext (v4b). A Print-on-Demand copy of Delving Deeper can be found here (v4a).

Depreciated PDF versions can be found on the Immersive Ink page at DriveThruRPG (v1 and v2). Please follow the forums for the most up-to-date information.

Character Sheets

The Official Delving Deeper character sheet, as illustrated by Mark Allen can be downloaded here (v1).

Adventure Supplements

The Ruination of Tenamen is a dungeon scenario designed to challenge low level (Normal-tier) players.

Grom the Orc is a regional menance. His Orcs have raied the pastoral shires of Tenamen repeatedly and avoided retribution by hiding out in the nearby hills…

Secrets of the Old City is a dungeon scenario designed to challenge low level (Normal-tier) players. Originally written for the 2009 One Page Dungeon Contest and selected as the overall Best of the Best entry, Secrets of the Old City has been revised for use with Delving Deeper and other 0e games.

Everyone has heard a dozen tales that hint that the City was built over the ruins of an older place. Tales they may be, but evidence of the fabled Old City is easy enough to find and rumor of buried treasures make persistent tavern talk, even now…