What is Delving Deeper?

Delving Deeper offers a deciphered and well-organised emulation of the three little brown booklets and relevant parts of Chainmail. These rules are quick, loose, and deadly, bringing heroic play back to the tabletop! Players will be challenged. Combat will be fast and deadly. And treasures will dazzle and be earned.

Delving Deeper is a legal emulation of the original 1974 fantasy role-playing game published under the Open Game License. As well as being a game in its own right, Delving Deeper is also a legal platform for publishing supporting material compatible with the “Original Edition” games.

Why Original Edition?

0e games are accessible! A player needs to know so few rules that even a novice can immediately jump in and get involved. The rules themselves are coarse grained and uncomplicated which makes the mechanics easy to grasp, and game play fast.

Delving Deeper is pitched at just the right level of abstraction to facilitate dungeon, town, and wilderness exploration as well as combat scenarios from man-to-man duels to veritable battles involving superheroes, dragons, or scores of orcs. What might take hours to resolve with more “advanced” rules might take mere minutes to resolve in 0e.

More importantly, Delving Deeper is freely and readily available to everyone. The rules are available online for free and a print copy is available at cost, so there’s no barrier to entry.