A Tale of Two Prototypes

Today, a man in a UPS shirt knocked on my door and handed me a box.

Inside, cocooned in a copious quantity of bubblewrap, were the two DD hardback prototypes. I had already seen photos and had a verbal report from +Cameron DuBeers (thanks Cameron!). However, holding the books in my hands is a whole different ball game!

I have to say, the first prototype is a great piece of work. It’s leaf-sewn into a block spine with a glossy, laminated cover, double thick end papers and tight and bright interior leaves. It’s a serious step up from POD (well, POD isn’t even in the same league); a beautiful, durable, work-horse reference book. It’s on par with most of the small press hardbacks I have, and is exactly what you might “expect” to get when a micro-publisher says he’s gonna do a hardback. I reckon 99% of us here would be stoked with it, and rightly so.

Thing is… I am that 1% freak. Which is why there was a second prototype in the box.

Cameron wrote to me last week:

“A superior product in every way.  I liked the other one, I love this one!”

I am going to go further: It’s friggin’ aaawesome!  It oozes quality. The matte cover is gorgeous to look at and has a smooth, velvety touch. The paper quality is a whole grade above; it’s heavier and warm-white rather than bleached-white, and has taken more ink so the type looks stronger and is easier to read. It’s section sewn into a square spine, so it opens flat. Damn, it even smells good!

To me this book is of an outstanding build quality. I may well be punch drunk on it, but my initial impression is that it holds its own against any RPG hardcover on my shelf. There are a couple very minor nits for me to pick with the binder, but either way this is the kind of book I want Reliquary to be, that I want to own, and that I want to share with you fine folks.

Having seen this, I’m absolutely decided: There will be a DD hardcover edition.  And it will be like this.

More words and pictures are coming…