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Delving Deeper


Delving Deeper is a legal emulation of the original 1974 fantasy role-playing game published under the Open Game License. It’s a gateway to realms where magic works and dragons are real, where elves and dwarfs fight alongside men against goblins and giants, and where a strong sword arm can carry the day in battle. All that is needed to play is some basic stationary, a few friends, and a vivid imagination.

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Original Edition


Delving Deeper is a freely available alternative to the collectors-market originals, offering a succinct, deciphered, and well-organised insight into the three little brown booklets and relevant parts of Chainmail. These rules are quick, loose, and deadly, bringing heroic play back to the tabletop! Players will be challenged. Combat will be fast and deadly. Treasures will dazzle and truly be earned.

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Hypertext Edition


Delving Deeper can be browsed online totally free of charge or commitment.  The Delving Deeper Project is not just about emulating the original fantasy role-playing game; it’s about getting that game into the hands of players everywhere. The complete Delving Deeper Reference Rules can be browsed online here.

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In Print


Delving Deeper is also in print! The digest-sized 130 page Reference Rules Compendium is available at cost for $4.95 (USD) from Lulu and contains all the rules seen in the Hypertext edition.

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Active Community


Delving Deeper has an active online community! Join us on the Delving Deeper Google+ Community, the Immersive Ink Forum and the Original D&D Discussion Board. Share your experiences, house rules, gaming resources, and more!

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